Diverse Music for a Diverse Community

Diversity is community

We are Ka'u Strong.  Ka'u is the largest district in all of Hawai'i Islands.  With all the vast villages, and communities, within Ka'u District, we felt we were up for the task.  Every day we play a different genre, in kine to open up to a large vast of our listeners, so to include everyone best we can. We are part of Chacah Broadcasting Network LLC which includes Ka'u Radio (Here), Ka'u TV (streaming online). Through these 2 organizations, we bring the voice of Ka'u to the world, and the world to Ka'u! In these troubling times, it is often safer to stay in your hale (Home), so this way, through our interactive technologies, we can bring public meetings, and more to your home, and you can still be involved by sharing your questions and comments from the safety of your hale. 

Major Communities
Peoples involved

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